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Disney+ Releases New Doctor Who Trailer for 60th Anniver– WAIT, IS THAT BONNIE LANGFORD AS MEL BUSH?!

Streaming platform, Disney+, has released a new teaser trailer for Doctor Who‘s 60th anniversary specials, and it’s got fans very excited — because many think they’ve spotted Bonnie Langford, playing Sixth and Seventh Doctor companion, Mel Bush (presumably), in the background!

Oh sure, you can just see a bonnie wee blur of ginger behind Neil Patrick Harris as the Toymaker (we’re hoping he’s still Celestial), which could be Catherine Tate, aka Donna Noble, but whoever it is is wearing the same jacket as Bonnie was in the press photos when she was announced as returning for Doctor Who Series 14…

35 seconds in the above trailer, for anyone looking out for Ms Bush.

Yes, Mel is confirmed as coming back for Ncuti Gatwa’s first season — most likely the series finale — but not for the 60th anniversary.

And while this isn’t confirmation, it feels quite likely that she’d at least make a cameo; it would appear that she’s with UNIT too, the organisation headed by Kate Stewart, confirmed as returning for the 60th and Series 14.

Otherwise, that trailer features many shots we’ve already seen, but heck, watch it again because it looks amazing, doesn’t it?

We wonder what other secrets the diamond anniversary specials have in store for us.

The Star Beast airs on BBC1, BBC iPlayer, and Disney+ from 25th November followed by Wild Blue Yonder on 2nd December and, on 9th December, the 60th anniversary episodes draw to a close with The Giggle. Oh, and then at Christmas, Ncuti Gatwa makes his debut as the Fifteenth Doctor!

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Disney+ Releases New Doctor Who Trailer for 60th Anniver– WAIT, IS THAT BONNIE LANGFORD AS MEL BUSH?!

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