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It Sounds Like The Celestial Toymaker Isn’t Beep the Meep’s Boss (Unless David Tennant Is Lying)

When The Star Beast aired, there was one main theory about who Beep the Meep’s mysterious “boss” is: the Toymaker, who will return to Doctor Who, this time played by Neil Patrick Harris, in this weekend’s The Giggle. But Fourteenth Doctor actor, David Tennant, seems to have quashed those rumours…

As the Meep was being taken away by the Wrarth Warriors, he (as Russell T Davies referred to the cuddly alien) said:

“I will escape and have my revenge, so you beware, Doctor, because there’s one more thing. A creature with two hearts is such a rare thing – just wait until I tell the boss.”

In the accompanying video commentary, Tennant asks executive producer, Phil Collinson, and producer, Vicki Delow, if they know who that refers to; while they do, David replied:

“Oh, I don’t — it’s still cryptic to me.”

We’re inferring, then, that the boss isn’t anyone the Fourteenth Doctor meets, i.e. not the Toymaker.

Or Tennant is fibbing.

CultBox posits that the answer might come in the Series 14 finale, directed by Jamie Donoughue, who also helmed Destination: Skaro, the special Children in Need scene — so could the villain be Davros?

We’ve just got to wait and see for now…

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It Sounds Like The Celestial Toymaker Isn’t Beep the Meep’s Boss (Unless David Tennant Is Lying)

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