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Lenny Rush Talks Filming With Ncuti Gatwa, His Jazzy Segway, and How He was Cast in Doctor Who

The BBC wasted no time in announcing who would be guest starring in the next series of Doctor Who, and one of the notable names was Lenny Rush.

Rush is only 14 years old (five years younger than Ruby Sunday’s actor Millie Gibson) but already has a well established acting career including being the recipient of a BAFTA in May 2023, a moment he “still cannot believe” happened.

A month later, it was revealed he would be appearing in Doctor Who as Morris, and at the time Russell T Davies said the character “joins the TARDIS team just in time for the Doctor’s greatest nightmare”.

The showrunner has not given away too many further details since then, but Rush — who has dwarfism — got the opportunity while filming to discuss the experience on That Gaby Roslin Podcast, and a few months later that podcast episode was then released to the world.

Rush was light on details about his Doctor Who episode’s plot, a promise had been made to say no spoilers, but he provided plenty of detail (with input from his mother as a fellow podcast guest) about how he landed the role and how his dwarfism was the focus of some of the public response to his hiring, the way the television industry enables young actors to continue with their education while committing time to filming projects that take them away from their school and friends, his on-set experience and about what it’s like to work with Ncuti Gatwa, the new Doctor.

He will be sharing the screen with Gatwa, but we don’t know for sure if their characters will have a friend or foe relationship, and while the Doctor has his sonic screwdriver, there is a special Segway for Morris “that has some secrets inside” and may prove important to the plot. According to Rush’s mother, “the props department have jazzed it up a bit”.

Also, does Morris have a last name? He says:

“I can’t say his last name. That’s how, like, crazy [the secrecy is]. I couldn’t say his last name!”

Only a few more months until we find out all about Morris, and why he will be encountering the Doctor.

Ida Wood

Lenny Rush Talks Filming With Ncuti Gatwa, His Jazzy Segway, and How He was Cast in Doctor Who

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