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Millie Gibson Calls the “Sixties Episode” Her Favourite of Doctor Who Series 14

Millie Gibson, who plays Fifteenth Doctor companion, Ruby Sunday, has said that the episode of Doctor Who Series 14 set in the 1960s is her favourite of the season.

She enthuses:

“The sixties episode will blow people away. I think that’s my favourite, personally. It’s a really cool episode with cool costumes. Any of the era episodes are always pretty iconic, aren’t they?

“It’s good because it’s usually only the companions that get new costumes but that season, the Doctor changes his outfit as well. I’m always blown away by the make-up team and the costume team, they’re so good.”

Indeed, we’ve seen the Doctor (Ncuti Gatwa) and Ruby sporting very Sixties attire, and both are looking fantastic. The Doctor has swapped outfits for the time period occasionally in the past — the Fourth Doctor fashioned himself after Sherlock Holmes for The Talons of Weng Chiang, the Eleventh went all Victorian for The Snowmen, and the First Doctor prepared for The Reign of Terror with an extravagant look.

This “sixties episode” is due to be screened as the second in Series 14, directed by Ben Chessell, called The Devil’s Chord and featuring a massive battle at Abbey Road. Oh, plus the Beatles, naturally.

Millie also confirms that she’s in Series 15, enthusing about “Ruby’s season two look”; she’s expected to appear in at least three episodes of the 2025 run, before a new companion joins the TARDIS.

But for now, we’re just excited to see what adventures are in store for Ruby and the Doctor!

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Millie Gibson Calls the “Sixties Episode” Her Favourite of Doctor Who Series 14

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