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Liv Chenka on TV? Nicola Walker “Would Love to” Play the Doctor Who Companion Again

Nicola Walker has featured in some of the finest British television dramas of recent years, but of course Doctor Who fans know her for playing audio-only companion Liv Chenka.

Having featured in 28 Big Finish releases already, totalling over 80 episodes in Doctor Who releases and The Robots spin-off series, and with Russell T Davies plucking characters out of other mediums to bring into the TV show this year, it begs the question of if Walker would like to bring her performance of Liv onto TV.

Walker said, when the question was posed to her by Radio Times:

“I’d love to. But I don’t think we can because I’m pretty sure Claire’s already been in the Doctor Who universe on television. I think there’d be uproar.”

The Claire in question is Claire Rushbrook, who plays Liv’s sister Tula in The Robots and also played Ida Scott in the 2006 television stories The Impossible Planet and The Satan Pit. That’s a role she’s actually returned to in the Torchwood monthly range release, Odyssey.

Rushbrook thinks her previous Doctor Who outing shouldn’t rule out co-star Walker from taking Liv Chenka onto the screen. Rushbrook said in response to Walker’s comment:

“I don’t think that matters, does it? I had a space helmet on for a lot of it – and also it was quite a few years ago so I have changed. Yeah, I’m sure it’d be fine!”

Walker’s long-running working relationship with Rushbrook meant those words alone were enough to change her mind.

“Okay, great – let’s do it!” said Walker, and asked the Radio Times to find a Doctor Who television source to tell them her and Rushbrook want to appear on TV as the Chenkas…

Well, could it happen? Next person to ask is Russell T Davies.

Ida Wood

Liv Chenka on TV? Nicola Walker “Would Love to” Play the Doctor Who Companion Again

by Ida Wood time to read: 1 min
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