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Doctor Who Showrunner, Russell T Davies, in Line to Take Over as Controller of BBC1 [UPDATED]

UPDATE: As some of you guessed, this was an April Fool’s Day joke… but a believable one, right?! RTD isn’t becoming the new BBC1 Boss, but we reckon he’d do a pretty good job nonetheless.


The BBC has confirmed rumours last week from The Mirror newspaper that Russell T Davies, showrunner and executive producer on Doctor Who Season 1 (or Series 14… or Season 40 depending where you stand), will be taking over as Controller of BBC1.

This will involve full editorial control of the scheduling for the channel including all drama, news, and documentary content.

Davies, who has been outspoken about the threat to the BBC from governments unsupportive of public sector arts, is expected to introduce a new lease of life into the channel and to be active across the service. Commentators are wondering whether he intends to get involved in the increasing agitation between the BBC and Whitehall.

Kay Novem, BBC Canteen Press Officer, said:

“This is sure to mean good news for Doctor Who and drama more broadly, but we hope it means that we could see the future of the BBC prioritised and more secure.”

But what will this mean for Doctor Who with Davies’ time devoted to the flagship channel and combatting the forces of evil? Some are suggesting that this may shed light on sightings of Joss Whedon of Buffy fame and Lord of the Shire, Peter Jackson, in Cardiff last month. Could a new production team be being assembled as we speak? Further speculation on Davies’ plans for the future were fuelled by alleged images of him practicing with a lightsaber and having the BBC charter tattooed on his left calf.

There are further rumours that Jodie Whittaker, who played the Thirteenth Doctor, is returning to Doctor Who but this time as Susan and the Rani in a move that BBC insiders are calling “bold, thrilling, fantastic.”

James Lomond

Doctor Who Showrunner, Russell T Davies, in Line to Take Over as Controller of BBC1 [UPDATED]

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