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Create Your Own Doctor Who Comic with the Comic Creator App!

Ever wanted to create your own Doctor Who comic? Of course you have, how cool would that be! Are you sick of waiting for Series 10? Well, aren’t we all, but why not combine the two things together and download the new Doctor Who comic creator app!
Sooner or later, we all have to face the terrible reality that we’re not going to be Alan Moore despite how long and wizardy our beards get, so why not spend those thwarted dreams with a choice of page layouts, villains and popular characters (including different Doctors) to arrange and create epic tales limited only by your imagination.
How does it work? Well,  as the Radio Times reports, you’re given a set of layouts, backgrounds and characters which you can then combine in different combinations, adding speech bubbles, props and sound effects as you go. The app also allows you to re-size, duplicate, flip, rotate and otherwise edit your world until it’s exactly how you want it, before you sit back and flip through the story in the Comic Reader function.
You can even create your own baddies thanks to the aptly named Monster Maker feature which lets you bolt various villains together in a sort of Aldi three bird roast of evil.
Say hello to ‘Dal- Weepy Cyber-Juddoon-Angel-Lek’. Like we said, we’re never going to be Alan Moore.
As the App description asks:

“Ever imagined creating epic battles against the Daleks on Skaro, or sending the Doctor to foil the Cybermen on a futuristic space station?

“How about designing your very own species of alien Monster to unleash against the Doctor?! Now there’s no stopping you…”

Or you could just sack that off and read the app’s own comic-book story A Stitch in Time, where the Twelfth Doctor and Clara apparently battle a Time Weaver in a plot which probably features 100% less narrative inconsistency and random Zarbi attacks alluded to by text only because there’s no Zarbi feature… yet.
The Doctor Who Comic Creator is available for download on iPhone, iPad and Android – the app is free but some extras can be purchased each month.

Andrew Reynolds

Create Your Own Doctor Who Comic with the Comic Creator App!

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