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Get A Free Lethbridge-Stewart Short Story When You Pre-Order Moon Blink

You can get a short story from the Lethbridge-Stewart range completely free if you pre-order the first book of the new 2016 series, Moon BlinkThe Lock-In, a digital-only tale written by Sarah Groenewegen, is out right now, automatically sent to all subscribers, including anyone who’s pre-ordered a bundle containing the upcoming novels.
Sarah is a newcomer to the range, but her award-winning short fiction includes her contribution to Big Finish’s Short Trips: Zodiac. She says:

“I grew up with the Brig. I am of that Aussie generation who enjoyed multiple repeats of Jon Pertwee and Tom Baker stories, many of which included UNIT. Writing for Candy Jar has been fabulous, letting me dive into the character and bring to light some different facets of who he is. I loved exploring the relationship between him and Pearl, a slightly older woman who has a lasting effect on him and his life.”

The Lock-In takes the form of a series of letters between Pearl and Sir Alistair, a man at the end of his life, as they reminisce over an adventure they shared just after he graduated from Sandhurst in 1956. It is a story of the impact one man can make, a story of perception of history, and the importance of those who pass through our lives.
Range Editor (and author of the very first Lethbridge-Stewart book, The Forgotten Son), Andy Frankham-Allen says:

“As well as the usual romps, I thought it would be fun this year to use the short stories to explore the more intimate moments of our characters’ lives, the kinds of stories that would never work in a full length novel. Sue Hampton’s In His Kiss was the first of this new type of story, and Sarah’s is the second. I love what Sarah has done with her story, the personal tone to it all. So impressed was I, in fact, that one the back of this story Sarah is now writing a Lethbridge-Stewart novel for us.”

The free short story incentives have proven popular with readers, and those released last year have been collected together in physical form as the now-out-of-print The HAVOC Files. The short stories now form part of a new initiative by Candy Jar Books to bring new talent into the worlds of Doctor Who. Frankham-Allen continues:

“Short stories are a perfect testing ground for new, untried, authors. A way to introduce them to readers, who may not normally be willing to part with hard-earn money on authors they have not heard of. And, if the reception is positive, we then talk to these new authors about possible ideas for novels.”

Head of Publishing, Shaun Russell agrees:

“Candy Jar has always been about encouraging new authors, and we regularly publish novels by first-time authors, including the children’s favourite, Anthony Ormond, and World War II hero Eileen Younghusband. So it seems a natural thing to extend this to our Lethbridge-Stewart range. Continuing the work pioneered by such people as Andrew Cartmel and Peter Darvil-Evans in the late ’80s and early ’90s.”

Moon Blink, written by Sadie Miller, will begin shipping on 13th May – and we can’t wait! You can pre-order the book for £8.99, directly from Candy Jar Books.

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Get A Free Lethbridge-Stewart Short Story When You Pre-Order Moon Blink

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