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Peter Davison at the MCM London Comic Con

The London MCM Comic Con took place this bank holiday weekend and amongst the cosplayers, merchandise stalls and competitive gaming areas, was Peter Davison, who was in a rather chatty mood.
The Fifth Doctor took the time to discuss how he became the crickety-cricket Doctor, who his favourite companion was (Surely Kamelion right?), all the behind the scenes gossip from the set of his hilarious 50th anniversary special The Five-ish Doctors, and just why the Doctor Who staff think he’s a little too brutal when it comes to DVD commentary’s.
Discussing which companion was his favourite, Davison said:
“I think the first companion that they really got right was Rose, honestly. Because I just think they kind of told the Doctor’s story through the eyes of Rose. There’s an argument that says Rose, despite the fact that she was still to a certain extent a passive companion, she was more important in that first series than the Doctor was…which I think that’s a bit of a shame. I’m all for having a strong companion but there were sometimes where they seemed to step in and solve all the problems.”

Then there’s the small matter of the DVD commentaries, which, while Davison loves to share his opinion of his time on the show, there are some moments when it may be a little too negative for the DVD team.
“We’re a bit brutal when we record the DVD commentaries. I love doing them. I don’t like them so much when the director is present but the best ones, no doubt, are when Janet Fielding and myself are together and the other companions as well. And it’s all done with affection but we do give the programme a hard time. One of the commentaries I remember we were about 20 mins in and they stopped us and they said ‘yeah, er, just one thing: could you find something nice about the programme?’ And we didn’t mean it like that, it’s not said in a horrible, bitter ‘oh we hated our time there’ we loved it but there’s just a lot of things when you look back and you think that was ridiculous!”

Also in attendance on another panel was actor John Noble (Fringe) who told the gather audience that of all the roles in time and space, the one he would have liked to have portrayed was the Doctor himself.
“If I could go back in time and become any character – maybe Doctor Who. He’s so extraordinarily legendary and very, very cool. That would be fun to do.”

You can check out more audio clips from Peter Davison’s panel where he discusses The Five-ish Doctors and how he became the Doctor.

Andrew Reynolds

Peter Davison at the MCM London Comic Con

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