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Bonnie Langford Wins Best Newcomer at British Soap Awards

Awards! Picking up a shiny gong of excellence at this year’s British Soap Awards was none other than Bonnie Langford, who took home the Best Newcomer prize.
Langford won the award for her role as Carmel Kazemi in the BBC’s long-running soap, EastEnders. Although she’s been performing for over 45 years, the role, which she’s been playing since May 2015, is her first soap opera gig, making her eligible for the newcomer award.
While the headline categories of Best Actor, Best Actress and Best British Soap are chosen and voted for by the great British public, the other award categories and winners are selected by a shadowy panel of industry experts.
Langford, need it be said, is best known to fans for playing Melanie Bush alongside the Sixth and Seven Doctors during the 80’s and for reprising her role for their continuing adventures for Big Finish.
Now, for a soap-style ending…Bonnie that ain’t your award. That’s your son! Dun dun dun dundun dundundundun.

Andrew Reynolds

Bonnie Langford Wins Best Newcomer at British Soap Awards

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