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Classic Doctor Who Items Up For Auction

Bamfords Film and Memorabilia auction house are hosting a specialist sale with a number of classic Doctor Who costumes and props up for grabs.
The auction, which takes place Wednesday 8th June in Derby, includes a Cyberman costume from the 1982 story Earthshock; a Thal space suit costume from the 1973 story Planet of the Daleks; a space pack worn by Peter Davison in the 1983 story Enlightenment; a Dalek Trooper costume from the 1984 story Resurrection of the Daleks; a Magma Beast costume from the 1984 story The Caves of Androzani; a Soldeed costume from 1979 story The Horns of Nimon; an Ice Warrior costume from the 1974 story The Monster of Peladon; and a Mara Snake Effigy from the 1983 story Snakedance.
What’s more, in what must be the must have item of the sale, you too can own two canvas bags used to cover the Daleks from a spot of rain circa 1966. I’m not sure how you can tell the difference between Dalek location canvas bags and ones used for other BBC programmes or just ones in general (maybe they smell like Daleks…The Smell of the Daleks) but apparently these are those and that is that.
Also there’s a Vanir mask from Terminus listed as a prop from Doctor Who and the Prisoner of Azkaban, which is a novel way to sell an item. How about this authentic parasol from Doctor Who Vs Robocop II: The Return of Jafar?
You can check out a full list of costumes and props up for auction up at Bamfords site.

Andrew Reynolds

Classic Doctor Who Items Up For Auction

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