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Out Now: Titan Comics' Fourth Doctor #3

Fans of ancient alien horror rejoice! Titan Comics excellent ongoing Fourth Doctor series continues apace with issue #3 of Gaze of the Medusa – which as titles go and like most things in life, works a thousand times better if you imagine Tom Baker enunciating every cold syllable.
This time out the Doctor and Sarah Jane, teamed up with Professor Odysseus James, and his daughter, Athena, must face down an ancient alien horror. Battling a malign influence all the way from Ancient Greece to London in 1887, the Doctor is faced with a petrifying challenge – and physical evidence that he cannot win!
Written by Gordon Rennie & Emma Beeby with art by Brian Williamson, Doctor Who: Fourth Doctor #4 is available to buy today from all good stockist (as well as the ancient alien ones too) and from the decidedly less ancient but quite alien digital world of Comixology.

Andrew Reynolds

Out Now: Titan Comics' Fourth Doctor #3

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