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Doctor Who Fan Builds Very Cool Vortex Manipulator Mini-Computer

The Vortex Manipulator –  a handy time travel device for those not big on comfort or the best name for cocktail yet to be invented? Either way, the main problem with this device/beverage favoured by time agent Captain Jack Harkness, is that it doesn’t exist.
There are some lovely replicas available but they rely upon both an active imagination on the users behalf and a very generous sense of disbelief from onlookers.
No, what we need are boffins working around the clock to well, turn back the clock, but as we’re not a scientist who slipped off his toilet, hit his head and had a vision, we’re going to have to leave time travel to the fictional geniuses.
However, if you want a very cool piece of kit that demonstrates some mad electronics micro-surgery skills then how about this VM created by Jeremy Lee.

Taking the innards of a smart watch, adding a Raspberry Pi computer board, Lee’s Vortex Manipulator might not be able to whisk you away to another time and space but it’s still a pretty powerful computer with lots of cool functionality.
Now, time travel Mr Lee, can you make a working TARDIS out of Grandfather clock and have it ready by two days ago?

Andrew Reynolds

Doctor Who Fan Builds Very Cool Vortex Manipulator Mini-Computer

by Andrew Reynolds time to read: 1 min
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