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Dot-to-Doc? Download a Free Doctor Who Dot-to-Dot Sheet

Dot-to-Dot, the childhood pastime activity responsible for producing a lot of very angular pictures of cats turned into a de-stressing activity for adults who can only draw rather angular pictures of cats.
Everyone loves Dot to Dot pictures and this week, you can get your hands on the Dot-to-Doc (see what they did there?) book where you can indulge your joint passions of drawing connecting lines to complicated puzzles and dot-to-dot! (see what I did there? Cause, like, Moffat’s episodes are really complicated, and like you have to ‘connect the dots’ to make sense of them…like a dot-to-dot book…hello?)
dot to doc
To whet your appetite for all things dot related, the official Doctor Who website have an exclusive Dot-to-Doc sheet for you to practice before the main event.
The book, which is released on July 7th, includes 45 intricate portraits to complete and over 500 dots in every drawing. Inside you’ll find every incarnation of the Doctor, plus favourite friends and foes – Rose, Donna, Captain Jack, Clara, the Ponds, a Dalek, a Cyberman, a Weeping Angel and many more!

Dot-to-Doc contains hours of creative timey-wimey fun for people sick of pictures of cats with corners. Be warned though, this puzzles are of an extreme nature, some contain over a thousand dots, many have attempted them but only a few have completed them and lived to tell the tale!
Doctor Who: Dot-to-Doc is available to pre-order now for release on July 7th from Amazon. 

Andrew Reynolds

Dot-to-Doc? Download a Free Doctor Who Dot-to-Dot Sheet

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