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Out Now: Titan Comics' Ninth Doctor #5

The Ninth Doctor returns in another instalment of Titan Comics ongoing adventures and this time he’s coming face to face with a familiar figure from his future!
Modern-day Seattle sees the Doctor, Jack, and Rose pulled into a city-wide civil war between strangely empowered citizens. But when they start mutating into horrendous monsters, the Doctor and friends find themselves out of their depth! Fighting side-by-side with a face from his future, can the Doctor restore normalcy to the city before it’s completely overrun?
Written by Cavan Scott (Supremacy of the Cybermen) with art by Adriana Melo (Star Wars: Empire series), Doctor Who – The Ninth Doctor #5 is available to buy now from all good stockist and digitally via Comixology.

Andrew Reynolds

Out Now: Titan Comics' Ninth Doctor #5

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