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Out Now: Tales from the TARDIS #11

Need your regular comics fix? It’s only natural. Fortunately, UK readers can snap up the latest issue of Tales from the TARDIS.
The title collects three American Doctor Who comics from Titan , including stories starring the Tenth, Eleventh, and Twelfth Doctors. Here’s what to expect:

In this issue, it’s Cindy’s first TARDIS trip with the Tenth Doctor, investigating the mystery of the wishing well witch!

Then, still on the run, the Eleventh Doctor decides the team could all use a drink, while the Twelfth Doctor works on a plan to safely reveal the Foxkin to the human colonists on the Twist.

The stories are written by Nick Abadzis, Simon Spurrier, and George Mann, with art by Eleonora Carlini, Leandro Casco, and Mariano Laclaustra; suffice to say, it’s a great book!
In our review of The Tenth Doctor #2.8, reprinted in Tales from the TARDIS #11, praised the title’s tone:

The story is definitely a dark cautionary one, warning people off dabbling with the occult, but there’s a lovely wit too. That’s evident when, instead of using a pillar candle for an incantation, one of the townsfolk suggests a tealight; similarly, the Doctor browses through a bookstore, but is more interested in some classic comic annuals like the Beano, Dandy, and Whizzer and Chips than Dickens, Sheakespeare, and Christie.

And in our review of The Eleventh Doctor #2.9, also in this latest UK collection, called Running to Stay Still “a very thoughtful instalment”, adding:

“This is a reflective tale, drawing on a couple of plot threads from previous issues and giving Casco the chance to play with the Doctor’s timeline: in the presence of the Then and the Now, his form shifts between incarnations, and Casco captures each face perfectly. In one panel, we get to see portraits of the Doctor’s companions, framed on one of the TARDIS’ walls, including Sarah Jane, Rose, even Mels, and Clara Oswald – someone the Doctor hasn’t met yet. (“I exist across all of time and space,” the TARDIS said in 2011’s The Doctor’s Wife, “and you talk and run around and bring home strays.”) Those little easter eggs from Casco make this issue a very layered one.”

All in all, a solid set of comics, topped off with a stunning cover (one of our favourites, actually) by Alice X. Zhang!
Tales from the TARDIS #11 is out now in UK newsagents.

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Out Now: Tales from the TARDIS #11

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