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Keep Track of all of Time with the Time Vortex Mechanical Watch

A new Doctor Who watch? It’s about time…
The Bradford Exchange have announced details of an oh-so-stylish and highly collectable timepiece for the more discerning fan of the Doctors adventures – the Doctor Who Time Vortex Mechanical Watch.
Paying homage to the current opening title sequence where the TARDIS spins away into the time vortex through a clock face, the watch features its very own miniature TARDIS swirling along it, blending classical and high-tech with Roman numerals on the clock face that tantalisingly reveal the visible inner workings of the watch’s mechanical movement beneath. And on the hour, a set of attack eyebrows fly at you with stern reproach…maybe…probably not.
On the rear casing is engraved the name of the timepiece alongside Gallifreyan symbols. The TARDIS-blue leather strap makes this handsome, collectable watch a must-have for Who fans, and is exclusively available from the Bradford Exchange.
The watch certainly ‘ticks’ our box and is just one of an upcoming range of officially licensed Doctor Who, highly collectable, exclusive pieces to be released by the Bradford Exchange in the coming months.
The Doctor Who Time Vortex Mechanical Watch is available exclusively from the Bradford Exchange for £149.95.


Andrew Reynolds

Keep Track of all of Time with the Time Vortex Mechanical Watch

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