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Titan Comics' Tenth Doctor Relaunches With "Year Three" in 2017

Titan Comics’ Tenth Doctor ongoing comic will relaunch in the New Year, with, we’re pleased to say, the same creative team at its helm!
Following the range’s Eleventh Doctor title relaunching with “Year Three”, The Tenth Doctor‘s third comic year of adventures begins on 4th January 2017 with the wonderfully-titled Breakfast at Tyrannies. The official synopsis at least tells us that his regular companions aren’t departing the TARDIS at the end of “Year Two”:

It’s a brand-new season for the Tenth Doctor and his loyal travelling companions, Gabby Gonzalez and Cindy Wu!

Jump on board with a two-part opening story – Breakfast at Tyrannies that introduces a whole new terror to test the Doctor and his friends!

Plus: a new companion joins the TARDIS – the like of which you’ve never seen!

The comic will continue to be written by Nick Abadzis, with art by Elena Casagrande and Giorgia Sposito, all of whom have worked on the title since it first launched in 2014. That’s certainly to be celebrated; the team has consistently delivered with smart, playful, and intriguing storylines, including a main arc that featured Anubis, son of Sutekh (from Pyramids of Mars).

It appears that plot line will come to its conclusion with December’s Tenth Doctor #2.17, which promises a showdown with whichever godly being is kicking its toys out of the pram. In our exclusive interview with Nick, he said:

“I always wanted to bring back the Osirans, but not just for the sake of it. It had to be for a good reason, not just to repeat past glories. I can’t believe it’s never been done onscreen, but that’s fine by me as it allows me to explore their culture a bit more. Initially, when I wrote that outline, all that was mentioned was an ancient godlike culture, but it seems silly not to use something if it’s already there in the mythology of the show, so I ventured the use of them to [editor] Andrew James, and he loved the idea and got the BBC’s approval. And here we are! I write Anubis with Gabriel Woolf’s voice, of course, but he’s a rather gentler character (once you get to know him) than Sutekh. This will, inevitably, get him into trouble…”

Seven variant covers will be available for The Tenth Doctor #3.1, including a standard (but cool) photo cover, one by Iolanda Zanfardino (who previously illustrated The Wishing Well Witch for Year Two), a blank variant, and a stunning London-themed piece by Brian Miller and Hi-Fi.
We’re presuming that The Twelfth Doctor will follow in the footsteps of its sister ongoing titles and relaunch son after too…
The Tenth Doctor #3.1 is out in January 2017, priced $3.99.

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Titan Comics' Tenth Doctor Relaunches With "Year Three" in 2017

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