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How Will You Watch The Power of the Daleks?

We’ve gone a little Power crazy here at the DWC – but for good reason! Half a century after its first airing, The Power of the Daleks, now entirely missing from the archives, has been animated and is being released as a downloadable title from the BBC Store…
And as a DVD.
And a Blu-ray.
A vast amount of the audience won’t be happy with a download, but do they have the patience to wait until the DVD’s 21st November release? If those fans are waiting for the Blu-ray, that’s not out until February! Even if certain fans have Blu-ray players, would they buy the upcoming steelbook knowing that the spines won’t line up properly?
It’s a real ordeal, being a fan.
Not everyone at the DWC have made their minds up yet either (and yes, we know Episode One is already available from the BBC Store!), so we’re interested to find out how our loyal readership will be consuming The Power of the Daleks. Which is why there’s a handy little poll…
There’s a lot of options, due to a lot of combinations, so choose wisely!
Please note, voting for the BBC Store means downloading the black and white version and/or colour copy. Specify which you’re going for in the comments!

Sorry, “From behind the settee” isn’t an option!
Let us know your reasoning in the comments section below, and, if you’ve already downloaded the first part from the BBC Store, what do you think?If you’re waiting for a physical copy, what’s putting you off a download? How painful are you finding the anticipation?

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How Will You Watch The Power of the Daleks?

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