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Humble Bundle: Get Doctor Who Audiobooks for As Little As $1!

As we trundle through another working week  and we all decide what particular weaponry we will be using on all that comes our way, a little brightness would not go amiss. I know I’m certainly in favour of a little boost to my spirits at such a time and I am especially pleased when this turns out to be Doctor Who related.
The site Humble Bundle has a stunning promotion, ending on Tuesday 21st March, offering a bundle of goodies featuring up to 11x Doctor Who: Destiny of the Doctor and 3x Torchwood audio books for what equates to just under £12.50.
There are three tiers equating to three prices offering all these Doctor Who and Torchwood base delights. These begin at $1+ (82p) and features six Destiny of the Doctor audio books (incl. Doctors 1-6) and additional content for the Doctor Who Legacy game.

The second tier starts at $8+ (£6.58) and adds another Destiny of the Doctor audio book (incl. Doctor 7) as well as six of The Eighth Doctor Adventures.
The final tier starts at $15+ and includes the rest of the Destiny of the Doctor audio books (incl. Doctors 9-11), Torchwood: The Conspiracy, Torchwood: Fall to Earth, Torchwood: Forgotten Lives and Doctor Who: The Churchill Years, Volume 1.
Even better, everything is DRM-free and available in MP3 and FLAC formats, meaning you can listen to the audiobooks any way you like.
Humble Bundle promotions gives you the opportunity to name your price for games and books, with some proceeds going to support a charity, which in this case is long time friend of Doctor Who, Children in Need.
So why not brighten your week and help out a charity by having a gander at this deal and get your Doctor Who fix right here.

Katie Gribble

Humble Bundle: Get Doctor Who Audiobooks for As Little As $1!

by Katie Gribble time to read: 1 min
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