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Out Now: Colin Baker's Collected Columns in Sixth Sense

The fabulous Colin Baker, in case you didn’t know, writes a weekly column for the Bucks Free Press in which he sets forth his opinion on various eclectic subject matters. Something he has been doing for 21 years now. Writing a column, that is. I’m sure he has had opinions on lots of things for a lot longer than that. The Coat, for one thing… He plans to continue writing this weekly column and to break whatever records stand for longest running weekly column by a single author.
And now, you can read his collected writings in a lovely tome perfect for Doctor Who fans who want to learn more about dear Ol’ Sixie.
The book, entitled Sixth Sense, is available now and can be ordered here – and yes, it will be signed! How lovely. That’ll make a nice Easter present for someone. By “someone”, I mean me!

The book covers the columns from 2011 to 2016 and goes into depths about, amongst other things, car insurance, local government, and something called “foot ball”. No, I’ve no idea what that is. I think it involves kicking a pig’s bladder at a net or something.
I’ll leave you with a quote from the great man that resonates greatly with me…

‘Is it just because I am a grumpy old(ish) man that the number of things that drive me bonkers is increasing day by day?’

Go and buy it now and tell us what you think.*
*Other books are available. Your mileage may vary. The value of investments can go down as well as up.

Simon Mills

Out Now: Colin Baker's Collected Columns in Sixth Sense

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