The PodKast Returns: Looking at the Series 10 Trailer

Yes, the PodKast with a K is back!

Okay, it never really went away, but we were worried DWC readers were missing out on the Doctor Who discussion – so instead of heading over to iTunes or AudioBoom or whatever other service you might use, you can now listen to the PodKast right here!

This week, DWC contributors, Christian Cawley and James McLean talk about that Series 10 trailer, which treated us to glimpses of a new Ice Warrior, an old Cyberman, and a very familiar sonic screwdriver.

Plus, the pair discuss something few people in any genre community would talk about: post-fandom. What is it exactly? Take a listen to find out…

What do you think? Has Doctor Who changed too much? Has the Twelfth Doctor era leaned too much towards an older audience? And do you consider yourself an active part of the community, or do you engage more in analyses of the show’s past?