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Peter Capaldi to Make Rare Convention Appearance in Calgary

Every once a while a rare and exciting opportunity, where phenomenon and reality collide, presents itself to a lucky seeker. When the phenomenon is current Doctor Who star Peter Capaldi and the reality is an opportunity to meet him face to face, the seeker is lucky indeed. That’s right, dear reader! The Twelfth Doctor himself is making a super rare appearance at the upcoming Calgary Expo in Calgary, Canada!
For the lucky Whovians who reside close to Calgary or close enough to make a trip out of the occasion, Capaldi is going to be present on Friday, April 28th and Saturday the 29th for photo opportunities, which can be pre-purchased by clicking here. In case the convention scene is a foreign concept, a photo op, in this context, means you get to meet the current Doctor in person and have a professional photo taken with him to commemorate the experience. Think of it as the equivalent of a “meet and greet” pass you might purchase prior to seeing your favourite band in concert.
Of course, a rare opportunity comes at the expense of a rare cost — CA$120 (roughly £73 or $89). Given the fact that Capaldi is tentatively scheduled to regenerate before 10pm EST on Christmas Day, the price seems fair to capture such an opportunity. This is very likely one of the last, if not the last, chances to catch Capaldi at a con while he’s still part of Doctor Who.
While Capaldi might be the crown jewel of guests at this year’s expo, there are plenty of other opportunities to meet other popular actors and actresses at the event. Of note to Whovians, Buffy/Smallville/Torchwood alum, James Marsters will be on site as well. If Marvel is always on your must see list, Avengers star Jeremy Renner is also attending. The complete list of performers and tickets for the whole event can be found at the Calgary Expo website and are available now.
Do we have any Canadian (or otherwise!) readers planning on making the trip? Feel free to let us know below! And should you be one of the lucky attendees (this writer might be a bit jealous, to be frank) at the expo, please do share your photos and experience with us!

Nick Kitchen

Peter Capaldi to Make Rare Convention Appearance in Calgary

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