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Skating on Thin Ice: The PodKast With A K Is Back!

The latest PodKast with a K has had a troubled genesis. As it’s about Thin Ice, you might call it a slippery development. But let’s not be churlish here.
The original recording failed – but fear not! Christian Cawley is back, discussing the episode with the voices in his head; he’s assisted ably by recordings from regular PodKast contributors, James McLean and Brian Terranova. As well as this, Christian talks over the phone to Gareth Kavanagh, editor of Vworp Vworp and Missy conspiracy theorist. Oh yeah, you just listen!
That’s not all. The Doctor Who Companion contributor, James Lomond shares his thoughts about Thin Ice too.
Alongside mulling over the return of Susan (is it too niche?), and whether we’re getting enough Matt Lucas in Doctor Who Series 10, Christian talks about ratings. Yep, it’s something a lot of us stress about, but as he reassures us:

“As long as Doctor Who is in the Top 10, we can be positive about things.”

Take a listen to this unusual (but  very enjoyable) instalment…

What do you think? Is Missy lurking in the Vault? Is she really the Master? For what it’s worth, I’m with Christian on this – I’d like her to be someone else. Maybe not a relation of the Doctor’s, but as she’s never appeared like the Master to me, there’s room for a big reveal. And are you concerned about ratings? Should they be rising, given the positive reception to the series so far?

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Skating on Thin Ice: The PodKast With A K Is Back!

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