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What Did You Think of Doctor Who: Knock Knock?

Who’s there? Doctor. Doctor Who.
Well, it had to happen, didn’t it?
So that was Knock Knock, Mike Bartlett’s first script for the show he’s loved since he was a kid, and the first serial to star David Suchet. And wasn’t the former Poirot just amazing? Very chilling. Never trust a Landlord, ladies and gentlemen.
But what about the episode as a whole? Did you enjoy it? On Twitter, brand manager, Edward Russell said it was “even better than the first 3 [episodes of Series 10]. It’s all subjective, but I really think it’s one of the best.” Do you agree? We want to know, which is why we’ve got this handy little poll. Fancy voting? You know you want to. The options are, as ever, rating it on a scale of 1 to 5, but we’re not boring enough to list “5/5”, “4/5″ etc…
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Thanks for voting! We’d like to hear more from you. Expand on your thoughts in the comments section below and we’ll feature a few in an upcoming edition of Sonic Feedback, alongside the poll results.
How did Knock Knock fare in comparison to other “haunted house” serials like Hide and Image of the Fendahl? What about against Blink? After all, Knock Knock‘s location was also the site of Wester Drumlins. Just how great is Series 10 anyway…?
Next Time: *GASP*

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What Did You Think of Doctor Who: Knock Knock?

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