Phoebe Waller-Bridge Denies She’ll Be Replacing Peter Capaldi

Despite Newsnight insisting that it was so, it looks like Phoebe Waller-Bridge won’t be Peter Capaldi’s replacement in Doctor Who after all.

Although the star and writer of Fleabag is currently busy with the Han Solo Star Wars film and new stateside series Killing Eve, on Tuesday Newsnight ended its programme with a piece on Waller-Bridge accidentally outing herself as the new Doctor in a recent interview where she could neither confirm nor deny her involvement in Chris Chibnall’s first series.

Did Newsnight know something we didn’t? Had they just announced the new Doctor in the least dramatic way possible – in a section of the programme usually reserved for novelty items or, back in the day, Jeremy Paxman’s ire towards audience engagement.

Well, no. Apparently not.

Waller-Bridge’s theatre company DryWrite, which the actress runs with Fleabag stage director Vicky Jones, has since taken to Twitter to put an end to all the rumours and hopefully save some of you from having a bet on her.

So just who is taking over the TARDIS when Capaldi departs at Christmas? Will it be Kris Marshall? Will it be Andrew Lee Potts? Could it in fact be Lenny Henry?

Doctor Who will return this Christmas.

  • Cyberwomble

    I can see that her words were ambiguous. But Kris Marshall played a similar game when interviewed on Good Morning Britain a while back

  • Ranger

    Ooh, Lenny Henry! Now that I can like, but I wonder if a non-white actor does get the role, will there be similar protests from that audience sector, as from some female fans, myself included, about creating strong original roles instead? It’s all become rather complicated and I’d hate to be Andy Prior or Fish with this casting headache. Mind you, it’s a rod they’ve created for their own backs.

    • Dr. Moo (cow)

      They’re gonna get backlash for it no matter what they do.
      • White man? Same old, same old!
      • Black man? Reverse racism!
      • Woman? Sexist to men, box-ticking!

      I just hope they can stick to their convictions and find someone good, whatever demographic(s) that person may be.

  • Christian Cawley

    It was always a non-story. Do try to keep up, chaps 😉

  • Dr. Moo (cow)

    Thats a shame, if they went with a woman (which I am in favour of to an extent) then Waller-Bridge would’ve been a very good choice for it.
    I seem to recall Chibnall saying his top choice was unavailable at one point, and he has worked with her before… which does lend some credence to the rumours that she was approached for it.

    And thus the speculation bandwagon moves on…

    • FrancoPabloDiablo

      “if they went with a woman (which I am in favour of to an extent)”
      Great. Yet, if anybody has a differing opinion you call them a bigot and an a*sehole?

      • The Lazy Womble

        We have had this debate and hopefully passed on. Play nicely chaps 🙂

  • FrancoPabloDiablo

    Good. Hopefully she is holding out for an original strong female character to be created for her or some other female actress instead of character-jacking existing male ones. However, maybe the mere suggestion of creating new and original female/black/whatever-group-you-want-to-insert-here characters is TOO progressive for some. Shame.

  • Simon Danes

    I can’t say I’m sorry. I could only manage one episode of ‘Fleabag’. It’s a minority view, I know — everybody says it’s marvellous — but I found it grubby. If the lead character had been a man, it would have been condemned as appallingly sexist; it was only because it was a woman that they got away with it. The humour was at the Bernard Manning level of muck. No doubt I shall be tarred and feathered for being so unprogressive. Well, we know it;s been cast; bet anyone a tenner it’s Kris Marshall.

    • The Lazy Womble

      I hope it IS Kris Marshall