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Peter Capaldi Might Not Return for Multi-Doctor Stories

As we all know, Peter Capaldi sadly leaves Doctor Who this Christmas – and it sounds like it really will be the last time we see the Twelfth Doctor.
At the San Francisco Comic Con 2017, held this past weekend (1st- 3rd September) at the Moscone Centre West, an audience member asked Peter if he’d come back for multi-Doctor stories, and he replied:

“I think when you should go, you should go. Even when I was a kid I believed [the Doctor] was this weird and wonderful thing, so if he kept showing up all the time in Big Finish or in multi-Doctor stories he was more available… I don’t know. Maybe. But not for a while.”

Multi-Doctor tales happen so rarely, but they nonetheless represent an opportunity to indulge in the rose-tinted glory of the past. So if Capaldi is to be believed, it’d be a massive shame; with Series 10 getting a very warm reception from fans and the general public, it feels much too soon for him to be leaving the series (although the same can be said for most Doctors). More adventures would always be welcome.
Worryingly, this also seems to indicate that Peter won’t be starring in any audios for Big Finish either. At present, Big Finish’s license goes up to, and includes, The Time of the Doctor, but after Twice Upon A Time airs, it’s a fair assumption that their scope would be extended. While that still could be the case, perhaps Capaldi himself won’t be part of those adventures.
And yet, Doctor Who is all about hope, isn’t it? It teaches us that there is always hope. We might have to wait a while – we’re used to it, frankly – but I reckon he will change his mind. After all, he’s a massive fan of the show!
Oh Peter, you will be missed.

Philip Bates

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Peter Capaldi Might Not Return for Multi-Doctor Stories

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