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Mark Gatiss' Twice Upon A Time Video Diary

The humble video diary may feel like a thing of the past – a quick tour around the probably rather stressful time on set led by a leading light from that particular episode – something that might be consigned to the extra section of a DVD box set release but, you can’t help but feel that the sense of occasion might have compelled Mark Gatiss to dust off the old format for this year’s Christmas Special, Twice Upon A Time.
Filming his last day on the shoot, Mark Gatiss captures the Captain under attack in the ruins of Villengard, the various members of the crew who share their bittersweet feelings of saying goodbye to the show, and, more importantly, where the sandwiches are kept – unfortunately there are no comments on the quality of the spread.
We’re then whisked away to Armistice Day, where Gatiss comments ‘eras are crashing down all around us’ – it’s goodbye from Steven Moffat, goodbye from Peter Capaldi, and goodbye to Doctor Who but like all happy/sad endings…the future awaits!

Andrew Reynolds

Mark Gatiss' Twice Upon A Time Video Diary

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