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Out Now: Lovarzi's Sherlock Scarf and Hat Set

Despite the insistence of that one weird neighbour who still has their lights up, Christmas is over but that doesn’t mean that you can’t treat the rakish detective in your life to a Sherlock Scarf and Hat Set from Lovarzi.
The scarf is often overlooked in the detective ensemble; everyone remembers the long, imposing coat; the scruffy hair; the distracted look in their eye that really masks an inward howl of agony at the daily horrors they have inflicted upon themselves; oh, and a lollypop! Who loves ya’ baby?
As for hats, well if there’s any accessory that screams authority other than a cat ‘o nine tails it’s the humble hat – the weathered detectives shield against the metaphorical and occasionally literal downpour.
While you probably won’t catch Columbo in a bobble hat, this charming festive set – officially licensed by Hartswood Films – will please anyone who’s Sherlocked, featuring as it does that very phrase! Plus 221B, the residence of Holmes, Watson and their ever-faithful pet, some-guys-head-in-the fridge! And there’s a clock too because time waits for no hat.

Christmas hasn’t always been the best of times for old Sherlock: in his Mind Palace, he had to solve the case of The Abominable Bride in the 2016 New Year special; in His Last Vow (2014), his gift to Charles Augustus Magnussen backfired; and Holmes suffered numerous blows at the hands of Irene Adler in A Scandal in Belgravia (2012).
Still, you can have a more enjoyable time with this scarf and hat set.
Maninder Singh Sahota, Director of Lovarzi, says:
“We’re all keeping our fingers crossed for a fifth series of Sherlock, but until then, we’ve been working hard to produce a new range of items to reflect our love of the show. Following on from our Limited Edition Yellow Smiley Graffiti Sherlock Scarf, these are the ideal quirky present for fans of all ages.”
The Sherlock Christmas Scarf and Hat Set – which is not just for Christmas or that weird neighbour with the lights still up – is available from Lovarzi priced £29.99.

Andrew Reynolds

Out Now: Lovarzi's Sherlock Scarf and Hat Set

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