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Doctor Who Record Store Day 2018 Releases

It only seems like yesterday I was waiting to step into my local record shop and step over my own grandmother for my copy of the re-released audio drama Doctor Who and the Pescatons. Well get back on the floor, you wrinkly old dame, because Record Store Day has rolled around again! April 21 is the time to grab these releases from brick and mortar shops before they’re wildly inflated in price on eBay.
This year, there are three releases to interest Who enthusiasts.
The first is a release of the soundtrack to the 1975 BBC series The Changes, which was scored by Paddy Kingsland. It’s presented on a 2 LP limited edition polar white vinyl, mastered by sound engineer Mark Ayres. While this is a limited edition, CD and download releases are following. This was what Kingsland did before scoring Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy and several Doctor Who stories.

Next up we have Tomb of the Cybermen. Quite simple, this – it’s a re-release of the CD released in 2006, with the story playing out in the audio realm. Frazer Hines provides the linking narration. Like The Changes, it’s on 2 vinyls, but these are silver. Like the Cybermen, you see. This release is limited to 3000 copies worldwide and features on-set photos and sleeve notes as well as newly-commissioned gatefold artwork.

Finally there’s City of Death. Like Tomb, fans will have to fight over 3000 copies of this release. It features similar extras like cool new artwork and sleeve notes. Lalla Ward provides the linking narration this time (it would be weird if Frazer Hines did it), and the release is pressed on translucent green vinyl. (Green, the colour of slime and aliens everywhere.)
In Summary, there are three re-releases which I’ll probably still be buying anyway. Record Store Day will ruin me but enrich my vinyl collection.
You can get up off the floor now, grandma.

Scott Varnham

Doctor Who Record Store Day 2018 Releases

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