Coming Soon: Festive Short Story Collection Twelve Angels Weeping by Dave Rudden

While the jury is still out on whether we will be getting a Christmas special left under the tree this year, there is another Christmas treat lined up for Doctor Who fans in the form of a festive foe flavoured short story collection.

According to the Radio Times, the collection, called Twelve Angels Weeping, contains 12 short stories written by YA author Dave Rudden (Knights of Borrowed Dark), each featuring one of Doctor Who’s “most famous and frightening” monsters as they come across some festive-based shenanigans. Amongst the foes set to deck the halls are the Ood, the Cybermen and (who else?) the Daleks.

The book is described in an official release as “perfect for sharing as the wintry nights start drawing in, with the official synopsis reading:

“Playing on the well-known countdown style of the Twelve Days of Christmas, each self-contained story focuses on a different nemesis in new and imaginative ways, from dark plots to daring heists to the tragedy lurking behind every Cyber-mask.

Perfect for sharing as the wintry nights start drawing in, Twelve Angels Weeping promises to frighten and delight both old and new fans of The Doctor.”

Speaking about the project, Rudden said:

“Doctor Who was the show that made me want to be a writer, inspiring and terrifying me in equal measure.

“To be handed the most exciting and twisted pantheon of monsters in fiction is an honour and a challenge, and I’m so excited to share my vision of these villains with fans and new readers alike.”

Twelve Weeping Angels is available to pre-order now from Amazon in hardback format for release on October 11th for £12.99.