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DWAS Plans to Honour William Hartnell

The Doctor Who Appreciation Society has won the right to honour the man behind the First Doctor, William Hartnell with a commemorative blue heritage plaque.
The plaque will be placed as Ealing Studios in West London, the place where the first dramatic filming for Doctor Who took place. The shot, filmed on Thursday 19th September 1963, was from the very end of episode one, when the TARDIS is seen having landed in prehistoric times, being overlooked by the shadow of a human.
The studio was often used during the 1960’s for filming complicated inserts which required difficult set ups or rapid cutting which the crew were not able to achieve in the electronic studio where the episodes were shot ‘as live’.
However, before the plaque can be made the DWAS needs your help to raise funds for its completion. In the past, fans have supported the Society’s heritage plaques for Verity Lambert at Riverside Studios in 2014, due to reopen in 2019 and for Jon Pertwee at New Wimbledon Theatre in 2016.
In the coming weeks, the society will announce ways that people can join in. The plan is that everyone who wants to take part in the fundraising will be able to do so without the need to part with large sums of cash.
Every fan who helps raise funds will be able to enter a competition to win tickets to the unveiling which will take place in the company of friends, colleagues, and family.
Updates on the project can be found on the DWAS website.

Andrew Reynolds

DWAS Plans to Honour William Hartnell

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