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Designer, Arwel Wyn Jones Reflects on Leaked Photo of TARDIS Interior

You might’ve heard that there’s a new leaked photo of the TARDIS interior (and no, we won’t spoil it here); now, Production Designer, Arwel Wyn Jones has revealed that it was leaked not by a visitor to the studio, but by someone Jones actually knows – presumably, someone who works at the BBC!

The photo, revealing the Thirteenth Doctor’s new TARDIS interior after the previous one was (as per the recent few regenerations) blown apart, has been doing the rounds over the past couple of days. Wyn Jones subsequently tweeted his reaction to the news:

“Just found out that there’s a leaked photo of the Tardis interior, that alone makes me livid! the fact that it’s a dreadful photo, taken by someone with no hint of artistry & unlit, makes me absolutely effing incandescent with rage!”

In response to a fan’s sympathising, Series 11’s Production Designer continued:

“The great shame is that unfortunately it wasn’t a visitor, it was someone I knew!”

Before this, there had been rumours that the picture had been taken by a crew member, and while this isn’t confirmation of that, it does seem to support that speculation.

You may know Arwel’s name from Sherlock, but he’s previously worked on numerous episodes of Doctor Who on the art teams, including 42, The Impossible Planet/ The Satan Pit, and Cold Blood.

Have you scouted out the photo? Any thoughts? Or are you waiting patiently for Autumn to roll around?

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Designer, Arwel Wyn Jones Reflects on Leaked Photo of TARDIS Interior

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