Out Now: Doctor Who Magazine #533

The latest issue of Doctor Who Magazine is out now, and previews the New Year’s Day special, Resolution.

The magazine includes interviews with guest stars, Charlotte Ritchie and Nikesh Patel; director, Wayne Yip; and writer, Chris Chibnall. The latter says:

“You want it to feel like a treat: a big, thrilling,explosive, moving, cheeky, surprising treat. Basically, you want the Special to be epic. And I promise, it’s going to be epic.”

Also in this issue:

  • SHARON D CLARKE: An exclusive interview with the actress who played Grace O’Brien in the 2018 series.
  • FRAZER HINES: Frazer pulls some crackers from DWM’s TARDIS tin.
  • DERRICK SHERWIN: A tribute to the writer, story editor, and producer who oversaw the series’ transition from black and white into colour. Highlights from a previously unpublished interview with Derrick Sherwin.
  • PUBLIC IMAGE: The latest in-depth report on Series 11’s ratings.
  • THE FACT OF FICTION: 1981’s spin-off K9 and Company, starring Elisabeth Sladen as Sarah Jane Smith.
  • CHRISTMAS QUIZ: Put your Doctor Who knowledge to the test with the DWM Christmas Quiz.
  • THE TIME TEAM: The Team comments on Doctor Who’s very first Christmas Day episode, 1965’s The Feast of Steven.
  • THE WARMONGER: Part three of a new comic strip adventure featuring the Thirteenth Doctor and her friends.
  • SEASON SURVEY: Share your views on the latest series of Doctor Who.
  • EPISODE REVIEWS: The verdict on Series 11 episodes Demons of the Punjab, Kerblam!, and The Witchfinders.

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Doctor Who Magazine #533 is on sale now, price £5.99.