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Pre-Order Four Limited Doctor Who Books and Support Author, Tommy Donbavand

For a very limited time, you can get four Doctor Who books and help support writer, Tommy Donbavand.

Donbavand – author of the 2013 novel, Shroud of Sorrow – is battling cancer once more, and in grave need of our support. In the past, the Doctor Who community has raised some much needed funds for Tommy through the Target for Tommy collections from Obverse Books.

Due to the enormous generosity of a well known Doctor Who author (who wishes to remain anonymous), Obverse is now able to offer, for a very limited time, four novels based on the two iconic Aaru Dalek movies from the 1960s, starring Peter Cushing as Dr Who, plus two new adventures loosely based on other scripts from the television series.

These books will be available in a one-off print run, based on the pre-orders Obverse receives, and will then go out of print. This is purely a fund raiser for our friend, whose need for support is urgent, so if you want a copy please do order as soon as possible! All profits will of course go straight to Tommy.

You can order all four for just £40 from Obverse. Or if you want to try them separately, you can find them on the official Obverse site.

Remember: these are pre-order only and will not be available for long after printing!

Philip Bates

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Pre-Order Four Limited Doctor Who Books and Support Author, Tommy Donbavand

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