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Big Finish: The Second Doctor Due to Meet the Master for the First Time

As part of Big Finish’s 20th anniversary celebration of producing Doctor Who on audio, the company is releasing two special new titles in its The Early Adventures range – one of which sees the Second Doctor coming up against the Master!

The adventures will feature Frazer Hines, Anneke Wills, and Wendy Padbury reprising their TV roles. Big Finish also teases a catch-up with “old friends” and adds that Peter Purves will return as Steven Taylor.

Hines will also voice the Second Doctor, while the Master will be played by the superb James Dreyfus (The Thin Blue Line), after his star turn in the December 2017 release, The First Doctor Adventures: Volume One.

In the first of the two adventures, Frazer Hines and Anneke Wills return as Jamie McCrimmon and Polly in an adventure written by Simon Guerrier. The Home Guard features the Second Doctor and Jamie journeying together with Polly and Ben Jackson (played by Elliott Chapman) – but things are not all as they seem:

It’s the middle of the Second World War and Ben Jackson has returned to visit his married friends Polly and Jamie in their quiet English village. But they can’t quite shake the feeling that something’s not right…

This will see the first ever encounter between the Second Doctor and the Master…

The next story in The Early Adventures isDaughter of the Gods, by David K Barnes. More details of the second special release will be revealed very soon.

These two instalments in series six of Doctor Who – The Early Adventures will be released in November 2019, priced at £14.99 on CD or £10.99 on download individually.

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Big Finish: The Second Doctor Due to Meet the Master for the First Time

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