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Enjoy a Free Lethbridge-Stewart Story This Easter!

You can enjoy a new Lethbridge-Stewart short story completely free from Candy Jar Books this Easter!

Pirates of the Prime Meridian by Roy Martin sees Lethbridge-Stewart investigate the disappearance of military equipment and, in doing so, discovers that all in the the coastal town of Peacehaven is not quite what it seems. 

Roy Martin says:

“As I was part of the Doctor Who audience growing up in the ’70s, it was great to have the opportunity to write a short story featuring a fantastic character such as Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart.  For me it was exciting to adapt my writing style to integrate with a pre-existing universe.

“I chose to include pirates in the adventure, because for me, they represent enigmatic and shadowy characters from the murky past of history, epitomising working class entrepreneurs; forging fortunes in life, by their own sweat and guile, not afraid to operate outside of the establishment. Plus, when writing I like to get into character, and who doesn’t like dressing as a pirate for the day?  

“A word of warning for the unwary, ill prepared traveller of adventures.  Never upset a pirate. A scallywag will find themselves dancing the hempen jig soon enough.”

Here’s the blurb:

When Spencer is on holiday with his dad in Peacehaven, he is surprised to see that the town is bursting with pirates. Most are typical tourist-friendly types, but several seem slightly more sinister. He tries to tell his dad, but is not believed. It is only when he meets Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart that he discovers that Peacehaven and the pirates have been connected throughout time. 

To download Pirates of the Prime Meridian, visit Candy Jar and scroll to the bottom.

Roy is also offering his book, NV-66 for free download on Kindle for the next five days; check out the blurb:

A ragtag posse of chancers, scoundrels, runaways and badasses, the crew of the Electra smuggle fright across the galaxy living on their wits, one step ahead of the law. But when a mysterious queenpin makes them an offer they can’t refuse – literally! – they’re faced with a choice. This isn’t an ordinary shipment. Deliver the goods and look the other way, or take matters into their own hands? Either way, one thing is certain: things are going to get messy. Equal parts irreverent and affecting, NV-66 is a rip-roaring sci-fi adventure with genuine heart, exploring the choices that make us, the ties that bind, and the universe of the absurd.

Find out more about Roy on his site.

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Enjoy a Free Lethbridge-Stewart Story This Easter!

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