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World Record Attempt Thwarted by the (Lack of) Daleks

In 2008, a new world record was set for the number of Daleks gathered in one space, reaching 95 in an event in Leicestershire. Earlier this year, though. The Sons of Skaro attempt to break that record but unfortunately, they fell short by just 8. However, it seems there was a lot of fun to be had anyway.

As well as the Daleks themselves, the Olympiad Sports Centre in Chippenham, Wilshire saw Colin Baker, the Sixth Doctor himself in attendance and Nabil Shaban, who played Sil in the two adventures, Vengeance on Varos and Mindwarp. According to attendees, Baker and Shaban made sure to inspect the Daleks.

Speaking to news sources, Sons of Skaro’s Robert Phillips, said their attempt to break the world record only fell short because Guinness’s rules allow people in Dalek costumes to be counted. He continued to say that there were actually more ‘actual Daleks’ then there had been before with a total of 73 life-size models. He went on to call it a moral victory.

Attendee, Nigel Chivers added that Chippenham is central to a lot of the Dalek builders in the UK so has become Dalek-Central. Daleks are notoriously difficult to build and there is a number of online outlets built and designed to help you in their manufacture.

And there seems to be a real camaraderie between Dalek builders as they often call on one another for help and advice.

Even if the event did fall short of the 8 Daleks it needed to break the previous world record, Sons of Skaro shouldn’t be disappointed as all the proceeds they made have been given to Great Ormond Street, once again proving that the Doctor Who community really comes together for some great causes. Nice job, guys and gals!

Jordan Shortman

World Record Attempt Thwarted by the (Lack of) Daleks

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