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The Valeyard Revealed to Celebrate 150 Issues of Doctor Who Figurine Collection

The Doctor Who Figurines partwork collection hits a big milestone next month: its 150th issue! And it’s now been revealed that this important edition will feature a model of an incarnation of the Doctor… sort of. That’s right: it’s the Valeyard!

This evil persona of the Doctor was played by Michael Jayston throughout 1986’s The Trial of a Time Lord. He was a serious thorn in the Sixth Doctor’s side as he attempted to prove that the Doctor was meddling with time – going against Gallifreyan law.

The trial was split up into four distinct segments: The Mysterious Planet; Mindwarp; Terror of the Vervoids; and The Ultimate Foe, the latter of which focused most heavily on this new dangerous foe.

The figurine is accompanied by a magazine that includes an exclusive interview with Jayston about his time playing one of Doctor Who’s most enigmatic figures, and how the part of the Valeyard has had a legacy longer than he could ever have imagined. Plus, features on the Cybermen and current showrunner, Chris Chibnall (42; Dinosaurs on a Spaceship).

The fortnightly partwork launched in 2013 and will run for at least 180 issues.

The Doctor Who Figurine Collection #150: The Valeyard is out in early June 2019, with an £8.99 RRP.

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The Valeyard Revealed to Celebrate 150 Issues of Doctor Who Figurine Collection

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