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Winner of the Lethbridge-Stewart Short Story Competition Announced

The winner of the Lethbridge-Stewart Short Story Competition from Candy Jar Books has been announced as Gone Fishin’ by Megan Fizell from Maine, USA.

The tale will be included in a special Lethbridge-Stewart Short Story Collection volume, which features 8 adventures:

  • Day Trip by Alan Darlington 
  • Marooned at Teatime by Ryan Fogarty 
  • Give Me Five Minutes by Mike Warrick 
  • The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea by James Connarty 
  • The Eye of the Beholder by Gary J Mack 
  • Summertime Blue by Alexander Whittam 
  • The Mystery of the Locked Room by Beau Waddell 
  • Nightmare at Lavender Lawns by Bedwyr Gullidge 
  • Gone Fishin’ by Megan Fizell 

Shaun Russell, head of publishing at Candy Jar, says:

“All the stories this year have been outstanding and we would like to thank all those that entered, but there can be only one winner. Megan has written a wonderful story that took us all by surprise. Her instinct for characterisation is refreshingly different. In particular, we liked the way she portrayed the burgeoning friendship of the Brig, Sally, Anne, and Bill. We look forward to working with her in the future.”

Andy Frankham-Allen, range editor of Lethbridge-Stewart adds:

“This year the level of entries was particularly high, both in number and quality. And, although these stories are not part of the Lethbridge-Stewart canon, the entrants didn’t let that stop them exploring their imaginations! Shaun and I split the entries in half; he picked five finalists and I picked four. Our two top picks then went to Keren Williams, so she could pick the winner of the two. I’m delighted that Keren picked Megan’s story, as it’s a touching little tale and it’s always nice to have another female voice brought to the Lethbridge-Stewart range. Which, of course, Megan will as part of her prize for winning the competition.”

Megan Fizell explains:

“The inspiration for Gone Fishin’ came as much from Thoreau – ‘simplify, simplify’ – as it did from the desire to give some of the HAVOC crew a well-deserved break. I’m pleased the premise worked as well as it did.” 

Since 2015, the Lethbridge-Stewart novels have championed previously unknown authors such as Tim Gambrell and Harry Draper, alongside famous writing names in the Doctor Who universe including John Peel, Nick Walters, Simon A Forward, and David A McIntee.

You can pre-order this anthology title from Candy Jar now.

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Winner of the Lethbridge-Stewart Short Story Competition Announced

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