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Our Moon Baby: Why I Like Peter Harness' Vision in Kill the Moon

Our Moon.

Lovely Luna brightens our evenings and we’ve only literally scratched part of its surface with a few footprints, some tyre tracks, and the rare flag. We’ve learned all we can with what evidence we’ve been able to collect from the surface. A good amount of moon dust and rock have been collected and analysed.

But inside the moon? Anyone’s best guess, really. Excavation or drilling equipment is far too heavy a payload to drag up to the moon, so we’ve had our best guessers guess. Scientists have determined for a fact that our moon is the second most dense planetary body in our solar system. Their best guestimate is that the interior is composed of some iron metallic-like substance. They also believe there is a molten core. They are the top scientists and they work very hard to get these things right. They probably are right. They’re most certainly right.

But what if they’re not?

In truth, they can’t stand by their guess 100% because they have no actual proof due to the physical and mechanical limitations mentioned above.

Your honor, I shall now question the witness, Mr. Top Scientist.

Mr. Scientist, I need a bit of clarification.
Of course.
What is inside the Earth’s moon?
We believe…
Believe? You don’t know?
Well not 100%, but odds are very likely….
Odds? So you don’t know exactly what is inside Earth’s moon.
We haven’t been able to sample the interior, but we know it’s very dense!
Ah. So you only know that whatever is in there… is dense.
Yes, much like iron, or…
Or anything else dense. Which opens up the possibilities, doesn’t it?
I’m not sure what..
Perhaps I guestimate that there is a creature living inside the moon?
That’s ridiculous! Impos–
Do go on, were you about to say “impossible”?
Well, that’s a far fetched…
What if I were to tell you sir that I have PROOF! [Holds up a folder]
Proof of…?
Of a creature LIVING INSIDE THE MOON!!!!
Good lord!
You claim – and please remember you’re under oath – that you have no knowledge of this proof?
This is the first I’ve heard of this!
How does this news affect your scientific guesstimate of the contents of the moon?
Well, it obviously either debunks our theory–
Theory, you say? Well, that seems far less certain than your attitude mere minutes ago!
Well, again…
So really, you and your scientific brethren have no more educated an idea of what’s in the moon than centuries ago, when the “top scientific” minds thought that the Earth was flat or that we were at the center of the universe. Isn’t that correct?!
Alright, no, we didn’t know. Happy? Now may I see this “proof”?
No, there is no proof, the folder is empty, I’ve made my point, good day, sir. You may step down.
But —
I SAID GOOD DAY SIR. You sicken me, get out. No further questions, your honor.

So possibly because we really don’t have any idea what is actually inside the moon, Peter Harness took an imaginative guess as well and wrote Kill the Moon. Certainly more imaginative than “oh, some iron or something”.

I applaud his initiative, his imagination, and the ability to embrace the possibilities of a universe that is still a huge mystery to us all. I wish more fans would follow his example.

Rick Lundeen

Our Moon Baby: Why I Like Peter Harness' Vision in Kill the Moon

by Rick Lundeen time to read: 2 min
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