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Peter Davison Cast in Drama from Knock Knock Writer, Mike Bartlett

Peter Davison, aka the Fifth Doctor, is set to star in a new BBC One drama, Life, from the mind of Mike Bartlett, who wrote Knock, Knock in 2017, a Twelfth Doctor adventure for Peter Capaldi’s last season.

The series will be set in a large house, split into four flats and will follow four different families. At first, the storylines will not connect to any others but as the series progresses, the plots will come together. It will explore what can happen when people step out of their comfort zone and take a deeper look and consideration of others’ lives. Life is set to explore love, laughter, loss, death, birth, the ordinary, the extraordinary, and everything in between. Pretty ambitious, we think you’ll agree!

Other members of the cast include: Alison Steadman, Adrian Lester, Rachael Stirling, Saira Choudhry, Victoria Hamilton, Erin Kellyman, Melissa Johns, Joshua James, Calvin Demba, Elaine Paige, and Susannah Fielding.

Peter Davison will play Henry, happily married to Gail, played by Alison Steadman, a woman who is just about to celebrate her 70th birthday. Then a chance encounter throws her life completely out of balance.

Rachael Stirling, who starred alongside her real-life mother, Diana Rigg in The Crimson Horror, will play Kelly, happily married to David, played by Adrian Lester, who finds himself tempted on holiday when he meets the impulsive Saira (Choudhry).

Creator, Mike Bartlett says:

“This show is all about a group of remarkable characters with unexpected desires and hidden secrets, in search of something beyond their everyday lives. It’s just wonderful to have this fantastic cast to tell those stories, and to be working again with Drama Republic for the BBC.”

Filming for Life is currently underway in Manchester, though there hasn’t been an official air date given just yet.

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Peter Davison Cast in Drama from Knock Knock Writer, Mike Bartlett

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