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A New Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy TV Series is Coming to Hulu

Fans of Douglas Adams will be pleased to hear that the streaming service, Hulu, is developing a Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy TV series.

The original book series consists of a “trilogy in five parts”, with Hitchhiker’s continuing in The Restaurant at the End of the Universe; Life, the Universe and Everything; So Long, And Thanks For All The Fish; and Mostly Harmless. The second novel was based on a treatment Adams had written for Doctor Who which ultimately never made it into the show.

This Hulu adaptation is purported to be a “modern retelling” of the story, which sees Arthur Dent, armed with a trusty towel, escaping Earth before it’s destroyed to make way for an intergalactic bypass.

The project is made by ABC Signature, a streaming/cable branch of ABC Studios. Carlton Cuse (Lost; Locke & Key) will act as executive producer, with Jason Fuchs (Wonder Woman; Ice Age: Continental Drift) on writing duties, at least for the pilot.

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy has been adapted for numerous mediums, including theatre, film, and, most successfully, radio.

Though we can’t watch Hulu outside America (at least without a VPN), many of its exclusive series make their way to normal TV channels like Syfy (this is the likeliest way UK viewers can enjoy it) and, after a while, other streaming services like Amazon Prime UK.

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A New Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy TV Series is Coming to Hulu

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