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The Eighth Doctor Adventures: Max Warp to be Released on Exclusive Vinyl

You’ll soon be able to get an Eighth Doctor audio adventure on vinyl, also starring Sheridan Smith as Paul McGann’s companion, Lucie Miller! Max Warp will be coming exclusively to ASDA stores across the UK next month!

The LP will launch on 15th November 2019. Released as a limited edition of 2,000 on coloured splatter-effect vinyl, Max Warp will also feature brand new artwork and production notes. Here’s the synopsis:

Welcome to Max Warp! Broadcasting live from the Sirius Inter-G Cruiser Show. Hosted by outspoken columnist and media personality Geoffrey Vantage, with spaceship-guru-extraordinaire O’Reilley and daredevil pilot Timbo ‘the Ferret’. 

When a test flight of the new Kith Sunstorm ends in disaster, the Sirius Exhibition Station is plunged into a web of murder and intrigue. Someone – or something – is trying to re-ignite a war between the Varlon Empire and the Kith Oligarchy. As the fate of the galaxy hangs in the balance, only two investigators, the Doctor and Lucie, can hope to uncover the truth. So strap yourself in, engage thrust, and prepare for… Max Warp! 

Sheridan Smith made her debut as Lucie Miller on audio in the Big Finish adventure, Blood of the Daleks, and quickly became a fan -favourite companion. Her enduring and endearing relationship with the Eighth Doctor continues to this day. Sheridan says:

“I’ve got right into vinyl, I’ve just bought a record player so I’m going around vintage shops and buying lots of cool, amazing vinyl. I can’t stop playing it in the house. I’m going to buy it all. Hours of enjoyment!” 

Max Warp also stars Graeme Garden, best known as a member of The Goodies and for being a cast member on BBC Radio’s I’m Sorry I Haven’t a Clue. Appearing with him are Duncan James, known as a member of the boy band Blue; and James Fleet (Four Weddings and a Funeral; The Vicar of Dibley).

Max Warp was released in February 2008 as part of the second season of The Eighth Doctor Adventures. Head down to UK ASDA stores on 15th November 2019 to pick up a vinyl edition.

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The Eighth Doctor Adventures: Max Warp to be Released on Exclusive Vinyl

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