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Doctor Who Series 12 Will Include Additional (Christmas?) Special Episode

There will be an extra episode of Doctor Who Series 12, and it’s seemingly being filmed right now. It’s expected to be in addition to the 10 episodes already announced for the next season. This is presumably what Jodie Whittaker, who plays the Thirteenth Doctor, referred to when she claimed they’d nearly completed shooting for the next run of stories.

Though the BBC is yet to announce this, the existence of a special episode was seemingly confirmed by the online CV of First Assistant Director, Guy Murray-Brown.

Further credence comes from the inclusion of Alex Mercer’s name as Producer. Mercer fulfilled this same role throughout Series 11 (though he co-produced The Ghost Monument and Rosa with Adam Friedlander, who was in charge of the South Africa crew).

Last week, filming returned to Garth Hill, Wales, where the opening scenes of The Woman Who Fell To Earth were shot, so presumably the special will return to Sheffield.

An additional episode isn’t a massive shock – after all, Resolution wasn’t announced until close to transmission too.

It would tie into numerous behind-the-scenes rumours, though we’ve heard a lot that the show won’t be back until 2020. So when will this special air? Christmas seems unlikely right now, but it could follow Resolution‘s lead again and air on New Year’s Day. Christmas Day 2020 is a possibility, though a remote one. One strong suggestion is its acting as an Easter special; after all, Doctor Who, at least during the Ninth, Tenth, and Eleventh Doctors’ tenures, made a home around Eastertime. It does obviously depend on when Series 12 actually airs – we’re promised “early 2020”, but that could be anytime between, say, January and March.

Interestingly, we’ve heard that many contracts – including Whittaker’s, her companions’, and showrunner, Chris Chibnall’s – end later this month (October 2019). They could be extended, of course, or another new era could be on the doorstep.

Let’s wait and see. As ever, the DWC will keep you updated.

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Doctor Who Series 12 Will Include Additional (Christmas?) Special Episode

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