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Director Revealed for Doctor Who Series 12 Christmas Special?

Following on from the not-quite-news(-but-almost) that we’ll be getting an extra episode of Doctor Who in addition to the 10 expected in Series 12, it now seems that a director has been revealed for what’s being listed as a “Christmas special” – though which year it will air is anyone’s guess, as is how accurate such a description is.

Lee Haven Jones’ online CV details:

“He has directed a number of drama projects, both series and one-offs, for the BBC, ITV and S4C. Lee was lead director on ITV’s THE BAY and also shot the DOCTOR WHO Christmas special in 2019.”

We should note that it reads that the episode is being shot in 2019, not necessarily aired this year.

This lends credence to the notion that a festive special will be screened at Christmas 2020. However, the 2019 New Year’s Day serial, Resolution, was previously billed as a Christmas special, i.e. broadcast over the festive period, so this too might be misleading.

Once more, we have to ponder why, if the story is destined for Christmas 2020, it’s being filmed so early. Is this due to the availability of the actors? Jodie Whittaker, Mandip Gill, Tosin Cole, and Bradley Walsh have all been spotted on location recently, and Whittaker’s talked about the shoot coming to a conclusion.

Lee Haven Jones has also directed Block 2 of the next series, currently consisting of episodes 2 and 3. Transmission order could, of course, change.

There are also rumours that a trailer for Series 12 is imminent…

Whatever happens, Doctor Who Series 12 isn’t due on screen until “early 2020”. Stay tuned to the DWC because we’ll give you all the latest updates.

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Director Revealed for Doctor Who Series 12 Christmas Special?

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