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An Immersive Doctor Who Experience is Coming in 2020

The BBC has promised Doctor Who fans the opportunity to ‘experience the Doctor’s adventures like never before’ next year, with Doctor Who Time Fracture: An Immersive Adventure.

It’s a joint project between BBC Studios and Immersive Everywhere, the company who produce the UK’s longest-running immersive show The Great Gatsby. Little else is known about this new project, except that it will be based in London and those who take part will find themselves at the centre of a story set in several locations throughout time and space on a range of ‘amazingly realised worlds,’ which they must protect from a deadly threat. You can watch the trailer, here:

Time Fracture Teaser

This won’t be the first time Doctor Who has dabbled with immersive experiences. Only weeks ago, the new Doctor Who virtual reality game, The Edge of Time began offering players the opportunity to visit alien worlds, travel to Victorian London or the far future, solve puzzles, and face off against classic monsters such as the Daleks and the Weeping Angels. But this will be a theatrical rather than digital experience.

Before the tickets go on sale, fans can purchase Gallifreyan coin tokens, which will give holders priority booking.

Expect more details around February 2020.

David Traynier

An Immersive Doctor Who Experience is Coming in 2020

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