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Davros and The General Return for Big Finish’s The Time War Volume 4

Before descending into the jaws of the Nightmare Child, Davros fought in the Time War. And in Sepetmber 2020, we find out exactly what the mad Dalek creator got up to in the fight against the Time Lords…

Not only will Terry Molloy revisit the role of Davros for Big Finish, but Time War: Volume 4, an Eighth Doctor audio adventure, will also feature Ken Bones as the General, a part he first played in The Day of the Doctor. (Bones’ last on-screen appearance as the Time Lord was in Hell Bent, as he regenerated into T’Nia Miller.)

But it sounds like this could be a very different version of Davros. Here’s the synopsis:

The Eighth Doctor and Bliss are dragged into the Time War as the Daleks replenish their army, using Davros himself.

4.1 and 4.2 Palindrome by John Dorney

In an alternative universe, Davros lives in peace, until the Doctor and Bliss arrive, and the Daleks emerge in a new reality.

4.3 Dreadshade by Lisa McMullin

The Time Lords, including the General and the Twelve, adjust to life after the Time War, until the Doctor and Bliss return with a warning.

4.4 Restoration of the Daleks by Matt Fitton

The Dalek Time Strategist restores the Dalek armies to the universe, but wants to dispense with Davros.

The boxset also stars Julia McKenzie as the Twelve (who previously appeared in Time War: Volume 2), Jemima Rooper as Mithia, Adèle Anderson as Major Tamasan, and Rakhee Thakrar as companion, Bliss.

Big Finish’s Time War: Volume 4 is due for release in September 2020 and can be pre-ordered now.

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Davros and The General Return for Big Finish’s The Time War Volume 4

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