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Leaked Photos of Revolution of the Daleks Gives Closer Look at New Dalek Design

A photo of the new Dalek design has apparently leaked online, and it reaffirms our belief that the look created for the Reconnaissance Dalek in 2019’s Resolution will be back for Revolution of the Daleks.

Of course, this isn’t a great shock – indeed, it’s not even our first look at the “new” Daleks – as they were glimpsed while filming for the upcoming festive special on Bristol’s Clifton Suspension Bridge.

Here’s the leaked photo:

And here they are on location:

This is very close to the more clipped design used in Resolution, bringing in the Daleks’ waists (a sentence I never thought I’d write). It’s a substantial departure from the “Bronze RTD” Daleks used most extensively since the 2005 relaunch of Doctor Who. It’s the first major redesign since Victory of the Daleks‘ “Paradigm” – a look which I personally liked, but sadly didn’t take off.

The Reconnaissance Dalek, of course, pieced itself together from scrap, which left many fans thinking it was a one-off. But it seemed to have based itself on these Daleks.

So what do we think, DWC readers? A neat, stealthy new look? Or a flimsy cash-grab for the toy market?

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Leaked Photos of Revolution of the Daleks Gives Closer Look at New Dalek Design

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