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How is Big Finish Recording Doctor Who and More During Lockdown?

Big Finish has recently revealed that the Fifth Doctor will return to face the Daleks, in an upcoming boxset featuring the Time War. The audio company is obviously ploughing ahead with releases – but how has that been achieved during the lockdown imposed by the UK government as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic?

The cast and crew are all working from home, as Nick Briggs (head of Big Finish and voice of the Daleks) explains:

“It’s a rather bizarre experience doing things this way. It’s all new, and yet strangely very similar. Recording people in their homes is almost just an extension of our usual working practice.”

Obviously, the Big Finish studios are specially designed to give the best quality recordings, so carrying these out at home means added pressure. Louise Jameson, who plays Fourth Doctor companion Leela, says:

“I’ve made a comedic makeshift studio outside my bathroom door. I use a laundry basket, a hatstand, a duvet, and foam rubber to soundproof everything.”

Indeed, it appears that the Fifth Doctor himself, Peter Davison, has fashioned his very own Zero Cabinet…

And if you’d like a further peek behind the scenes, here’s a great video showing how a few Big Finish mainstays are doing in lockdown.

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How is Big Finish Recording Doctor Who and More During Lockdown?

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